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What this book can do for you

Previously countless people have learned and apply simple system that has brought benefits in their lives with this novel “The Power Of positive Thinking.” This positive statement spending much more than is made and presented in good faith; without deception.

Many of us are defeated by everyday problem. We struggle, perhaps whining through the days with the feeling of displeasure and consider the “bad breaks” life has inherit us. It make sense that, if there is a break, there is also a spirit and method that we can control those breaks. It is pity that few allow themselves defeated by problems, difficulties and is not unnecessary.

Certainly we do not ignore hardship and tragedies. However we can permit the problem to control the mind to the point where the uppermost and become the factors as thought pattern. Learn how to put out the problem and become mentally subservient (excessively submissive) and meditate to convey message from a spiritual guide through thoughts and assuredly overcome problem that has defeat us.

“By methods I shall outline, obstacles are simply not permitted to destroy your happiness and well-being. You need be defeated only if you are willing to be. This book teaches you how to “will” not to be.”-Norman Vincent Peale.

The purpose of this novel is direct and simple and is not pretending to literary excellence nor does it seek to demonstrate unusual scholarship on any part. The Power of Positive Thinking novel is simply practical, direct, action, personal improvement manual. It is written for helping reader achieve happy and worthwhile life.

“I thoroughly and enthusiastically believe in certain demonstrated and effective principles which, when practiced produce a victorious life. My aim is to set them forth in this volume in a logical, simple, and understandable manner so that the reader feeling a sense of need, may learn a practical method by which he can build for himself, with God’s help, the life he deeply desires.”-Norman Vincent Peale

Certainly, if we read this novel carefully, absorbing its teaching and sincerely practice the principles and formula, we can experience an amazing improvement within ourself. With this technique outlined we can modify or change the circumstances that we live now. Assume we control over them rather than continuing directed by them. Our relation with others will improve. We all can master these principle and enjoy new sense of well-being.

How can this novel be so certain? The answer is for many years the author in Marble Collegiate Church of New York City have taught a system of creative living based on spiritual techniques, carefully noting the lives of hundreds.

“It is no speculative series of extravagant assertions that I make, for these principles have worked so efficiently over so long a period of time that they are now firmly established as documented and demonstrable truth. The system outlined is a perfected and amazing method of successful living.”- Norman Vincent Peale

Mr Norman writing, including several books, and regular weekly newspaper column in nearly one hundred dailies, in national radio program for seventeen years, in their magazine, Guideposts, and in lectures have taught these same scientific yet simple principles of achievement, health, and happiness. Hundreds have the same result by listened, and practices to have new life, new power and increased efficiency.

Many have requested that these principles be put into book form for better studied and practiced.

“I am publishing this new volume under the title, The Power of Positive Thinking. I need not point out that the powerful principles contained herein are not my invention but are given to us by greatest Teacher who ever lived and who still lives. This book teaches applied Christianity; a simple yet scientific system of practical techniques of successful living that works.” Norman Vincent Peale

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. But with sound self-confidence you can succeed. A sense of inferiority and inadequacy interferes with the attainment of your hopes, but self-confident leads to self-realization and successful achievement. Because of the importance of this mental attitude, this book will help you believe in yourself and release your inner powers.”-Norman Vincent Peale

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