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There are many books on the market that cover the subject of Forex trading. The Forex market is an anonymous entity that bears many faces, and each individual who participates in the Forex leaves a footprint that might change the course of their personal circumstances based on their individual hopes and dreams for success.

This book was written with several purposes in mind, First, this book is designed to inform and educate the potential Forex trader about a field that is growing exponentially around the world and is reaching millions of individual from all walks of life. It is a market that was reserved for a decade ago but now is in the hands of anyone, even those without formal financial education. For this reason, it is very important to include qualified real trader’s who has already traveled through all the steps and experience numerous pitfalls but now wants to share this information with you to help avoid, at the very least, minimize any potential negative impact through education and solid money management techniques.

This book also intended to give an overview of all the fundamentals involved in the Forex and the trading process so that any new trader can easily obtain all the tools needed to ensure a quick start. It is also aimed at the intermediate trader who has already started the process but could use some guidance and additional tools, with an emphasis on the importance of a solid money management programs and the right mind-set to develop a successful trading career.

Written from the insider’s perspective of an experienced Forex trader who has gone through every step until reaching a stable and consistent success, this book is focused on pointing out the potential hazards that every trader will encounter at some point. In the beginning it will offer solutions to help you understand how to mitigate of the risk involved by centering on dedicated attention to the preliminary preparation, education, and training needed to become a true professional in this field.

The overview included a history of the Forex and its basics, as well as a through description of all the fundamental, technical, and psychological aspects and how they merge and interact in the market’s behavior.

Finally, some of the preferred trading systems are described in detail and discussed as additional elements to help you practice and build your trading toolbox.

I hope that you will enjoy this book and its concepts. May it bring you a step closer to becoming a consistent winner and an educated and confident Forex trader.

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