quoteWelcome to frankensttein.com website.

Well, I hope we all can educate our self, learn new word, read all kind of novels, and anything that come across into our mind.

Maybe you can contact me and let me know the things that you want me to write. Don’t be shy.

When I was a child, I found myself difficult to read and write. Truly, I fail all my subject in school, excerpt English.

As I grow older, my reading and writing getting better.

I use a lot of resources to guide me through out my reading. Yeah, It is difficult, I know, and I have overcome it.

How about you?

Reading and writing is a pleasure for me. Once I know what I want to write, I have so much fun for it.

The thing is, reading Bible is much easier than other book. I don’t know why? I found out the Bible is much easier to understand.

You should try to look for a book, magazines and something that interest you, anything that can easily grasp your reading attention.

Earlier, I start to look for how to write about page. And what I find out, is all about brand and customer need. Yeah it is no doubt, you have to stand out from the crowd.

When I start to build a website, I forget about content, it is very tempting to build a website with all the design and media.

It is true having good content on website is important to work on business and other pleasure.

Having awesome content is all about personal or something wish to share with the world.

Why writing story rocks?

It gives us an opportunity to share with the world about our self, especially when you are lonely.

Everyone has a story to tell, so I break it and give a skill from random English class during the years.

Sometimes we can follow everyone but I try to sound myself, stand out and show who really I’m with real voice.

I avoid jargon, instead use authentic voice describe my service or product. Therefore the writing should sound friendly and real.

Personal testimonial create credibility and trust, that’s why some are so natural in business and other work.

“Speak as you write.”

Even if you are a dedicated writer, there are plenty ways to create your personality.

Sometime I got stuck with my writing but I remind myself to write properly and learn from my mistake.